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Tampa Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is one of, if not the most common type of fencing used in a variety of different applications. This type of fencing is affordable, lightweight, flexible, and can be outfitted with a variety of features or designs that make it the perfect choice for so many different applications. Businesses, utilities, and even many homes rely on chain link fencing to provide the proper division and security needed for peace of mind, and the team at Vilo Fence provides Tampa chain link fencing construction and installation services that build exactly what our customers need.

We offer all of the following types of chain link fencing:

  • Standard chain link fencing: Typically 72 inches in height, erected using posts dug either 18 or 24 inches into the ground and secured with concrete.
  • Wind-screened chain link fencing: Chain link fencing with a vinyl wind screen attached along one side, typically the outside, for added privacy and security. These wind screens can be printed with your logo, allowing your fence to double as important signage for your business or establishment.
  • Temporary fencing: Similar to standard 72” fencing, only installed without pouring concrete to secure the posts. The perfect solution for fencing that will need to stand for months or years at a time, but will eventually need to be removed. Vilo Fence offers temporary fencing on lease terms starting at one year, and temporary fencing can be affixed with screens printed with your logo.
  • Standalone temporary fencing: Fencing that is secured with metal panels that are weighed down with sandbags. Ideal for short-term projects or events. Can be affixed with privacy screens. Vilo Fence offers temporary fence leasing starting at one year.

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Effective Chain Link Fencing Features

Chain link fencing can come in a variety of heights to give you the level of protection you want. However, these fences have other key features as well. Chain link fencing comes in a range of gauges, ranging from residential fencing all the way up to industrial—the heaviest gauge you can buy. Chain link fencing also comes in a range of colors to give it a more refined and palatable look in areas where aesthetics are more important. At Vilo Fence, our chain link fencing is available in both black and dark green finishes as well as your traditional galvanized metallic finish. We can also add vinyl slats to any chain link fence for an added degree of privacy and to make climbing considerably more difficult.

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Barbed Wire Chain Link Fencing

While chain link fencing is a popular and effective barrier for keeping people out, it does have an inherent weakness: the weave of metal wire creates effective footholds that make them easy to climb. For this reason, any area where security is truly a high priority should be secured with a chain link fence topped with barbed wire.

Barbed wire is a true deterrent that will almost certainly make any potential intruders think twice before scaling your fence. While barbed wire has a reputation, it is widely used in a variety of applications. For example, airports use them as an added layer of security around outdoor barriers, and utility companies will use them to secure ultra-important public utility infrastructure that could be dangerous. At Vilo Fence, we can install barbed wire along your new fence to give you the ultra-high level of security you need for true peace of mind that your protected area remains safe.

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